Fabiënne de Haan

During her education, Fabiënne (1982) acquired work experience in HR by means of various internships in the areas of career guidance and employment services. After completion of her studies, Heiwegen Consultancy seemed like the ideal workplace with opportunity to grow within the profession. In 2006 she started out as Office Manager/Testing Assistant. Since 2009 she has been working as a (Recruitment) Consultant.

Fabiënne’s expertise lies in the areas of recruitment and selection. On the hunt for a perfect match between client and candidate based on a requirements profile. As a recruitment specialist she uses various (Internet) sources to find the right candidate.

Fabiënne lives with her friend and 2 children in Twello which is situated in a rural setting between the cities of Apeldoorn and Deventer. She prefers to spend her spare time with friends and/or family. She also enjoys going to musicals, concerts and festivals.

Fabiënne: “The nice part of my job is working out with the candidate what the best options are for the future based on personality, knowledge, experience and ambition.”