Joost Baan

After obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering, Joost (1974) started work in a R&D laboratory at a manufacturer of car repair paint. Then, after getting his NIMA (Dutch Institute for Marketing) A and B diplomas, he took the step into commerce. He graduated from an internal function to an external service role and then on to working internationally. Since 1996 Joost has worked for various well-known automotive suppliers. During his career Joost has particularly focused on being a specialist in marketing, sales and communication. As both employed and freelance (since 2007) in this capacity, he has been responsible for (re-)structuring and vision forming at various marketing departments for several enterprises.
In January 2010, Joost joined Heiwegen Consultancy as Associated Partner/Senior Consultant.
Joost’s particular expertise lies in the OEM and IAM sectors – i.e. producers (Tier 1 and Tier 2), suppliers, wholesale trade, etc.

Joost is married and lives in Apeldoorn. Among many motor sports his special passion is the Dakar rally.
As well as working for Heiwegen Consultancy, Joost is also involved in various automotive-related MVO (corporate social responsibility) initiatives.

Joost: “The candidate’s personality, that’s what I pay particular attention to. Next to knowledge and experience, this is the deciding factor as to whether someone can succeed in the business culture of his or her new employer.
Of course it’s quite nice if the client initially responds cautiously but then gives me the best compliment by offering the new colleague a permanent position.”