René Hulsman

René Hulsman

After completing his university teacher training course, René (1962) started work at Centraal Wagenparkbeheer, currently called Alphabet Car Lease. He graduated from internal duties to various external service and management job roles. As a member of the Management Team, René acquired a lot of successful experience of reorganisations and the final fusion and integration of the then ING Car Lease and Toplease.

Since April 2008, René has been affiliated exclusively to Heiwegen Consultancy as a Business Partner. According to René it was a conscious choice. After carefully opting to work with a professional and renowned agency, he quickly and successfully moved into top gear in terms of his personal development.

René’s expertise lies mainly in business and financial services within the automotive sector. During his career as a sales manager at ING Car Lease, he built up a broad and valuable network of importers, dealers and banks through various collaborations. Within Heiwegen Consultancy, René focuses mainly on candidates and clients operating in this playing field.

René has 3 children and lives in Drunen. As well as his independent entrepreneurship, he is active in sport, politics and retail. He is able to indulge his passion for putting together self-managing teams that simultaneously combine success and pleasure in all these areas. He sees helping candidates make the right choice as one of his most important contributions to enabling all the parties involved to enjoy success.

René: “A match only succeeds if the client and the candidate supplement each other so that the business and personal objectives are perfectly in balance. That gives me energy, satisfaction and appreciation”