IT Auditor Software Safety Automotive O.E.M.

As an IT Auditor Software Safety Automotive O.E.M. you assess whether vehicle manufacturers guarantee the safety of their software. Crucially, especially now that cars are rapidly evolving into advanced computers. As an IT auditor, you contribute to high-quality technology that is well protected against malfunctions and hackers. Do you assess that a manufacturer complies with the laws and regulations in the field of cybersecurity? Only then does the RDW issue a type approval and the product may enter the international market. Subsequently, the manufacturer is obliged to manufacture each software version exactly according to the specifications on the type approval. You also take a critical look at that process. In this position you can really pioneer. The laws and regulations in the field of cybersecurity for the automotive industry are fresh from the press. You get a lot of space to fill your position yourself. Speaking of space, the whole world is your working area. The manufacturers you work with produce worldwide. Every year you make about six trips of two to three weeks, supplemented by shorter trips within Europe. During these trips you check whether the processes at the production locations are running according to the rules. Are you not abroad? Then you work from home or at the office in Zoetermeer. Here you test legal requirements, assess test reports and give advice.

As IT Auditor Software Safety Automotive O.E.M. you will...

  • After your training period (in which you also obtain your qualification as an IT auditor if you do not already have one), you will organize all audits around cybersecurity and software updates;
  • For manufacturers who have to deal with the new regulations, you are the expert point of contact;
  • You take care of the entire process, from preliminary discussion to evaluation;
  • You share the knowledge you gain within the organization. This way we make road traffic even safer with you on board!
  • Assessing manufacturers on the correct implementation and operation of the Cyber Security Management system (CSMS) and / or Software Update Management system (SUMS);
  • Assessing outcomes and the quality of the work/reports of technical services that CSMS and SUMS have assessed at manufacturers;
  • Analyzing manufacturers’ findings in the field of cybersecurity incidents, and the resulting corrective action plans;
  • Periodically checking whether the new possible safety risks arising from the vehicle risk assessment process have been sufficiently mitigated by means of the mitigating measures that have been taken for this;
  • Assessing whether the identified non-conformities and the corrective action plans developed for them are sufficient to mitigate cyber-security risks.

As IT Auditor Software Safety Automotive O.E.M. you must have...

  • You have a background in cybersecurity (autmotive cybersecurity is an advantage) and a relevant hbo or wo diploma, for example in computer or information technology;
  • You are well aware of quality systems for software and (cyber) security;
  • You have knowledge of local and global legislation in the field of privacy, data protection and breach notification;
  • You have knowledge of auditing and are familiar with guidelines such as ISO/SAE DIS 21434;
  • If you are in the NOREA register as an IT auditor (RE), you certainly have an advantage;
  • You are familiar with the TARA process including on-board and off-board systems and interfaces;
  • You have knowledge in the field of penetration testing ranging from embedded systems to cloud applications;
  • You know how to connect people and communicate and present convincingly;
  • You also like working in an international environment and you can easily switch between Dutch and English;
  • You can quickly understand production processes;
  • Your passion for technology enables you to translate complexity into simplicity.

RDW offers you...

  • The ability to work flexibly;
  • The possibility to work from home;
  • Working hours of 4 x 9 hours;
  • Six weeks of leave per year;
  • An introduction program, where you get to know the entire organization;
  • A commuting allowance, full compensation with public transport;
  • A good expense allowance;
  • Participation in a vitality program with fun activities and an enthusiastic group “Jong RDW”;
  • The opportunity to participate in both internal and external internship;
  • Many development and training opportunities;
  • Depending on education and experience, a salary of € 4.232,- applies to this position and can amount to € 6.312,- for a 36-hour working week excluding 8% holiday allowance;
  • An end-of-year bonus of 8.33%;

Company Profile

In the Netherlands, the RDW is responsible for the admission and registration of motorized vehicles and driving licenses and, as an implementing organization, has the statutory task of assessing and issuing type approvals. The RDW is also responsible for the supervision and control of the technical condition of vehicles in connection with safety and environmental requirements (MOT). The RDW stands for safety, sustainability and legal certainty in mobility.

In addition to the mission, the RDW’s vision consists of the following elements:

  • a bold goal: everyone on the road safely and securely;
  • core values: agile, subservient and reliable;
  • Core qualities: excellent service, professional, chain cooperation and decisiveness.

The RDW has offices in Zoetermeer, Veendam, Groningen and Zwolle. In addition, the RDW has its own test center in Lelystad and 16 inspection stations throughout the Netherlands.  The RDW employs more than 1600 people. The corporate culture is informal and open. The employees actively contribute to enabling new developments, road safety and the efficient use of vehicles and alternative fuels.