Light Electrical Vehicle Engineer(s)- Scooter Adepts

With a history of 20 years, YouSee Company is currently working on a number of L.E.V. projects. The product that is currently scheduled to go into production in 2023 is an Electric folding Scooter, which is homologated. Now that the consumer tests have also been successfully completed, the time has come to expand the organization. The team of 10 permanent employees and 10 freelancers will be strengthened with a number of engineering positions. Commissioned by YouSee Company, Heiwegen Consultancy is looking for several engineers for the following domains: 

  • Mechanical;
  • Electrical;
  • Mechanical Design;
  • Mechatronics;
  • Prototyping and Testing;
  • Software;
  • Quality;
  • Process/Manufacturing.

As Light Electrical Vehicle Engineer(s)- Scooter Adepts you will...

Per domain a job profile is available.

As Light Electrical Vehicle Engineer(s)- Scooter Adepts you must have...

  • super motivated to work L.E.V.'s innovative electric vehicles;
  • a relevant education successfully completed and you can look back at number of years of work experience;
  • you want to be (again) fully involved in the development and realization of the end product;
  • you are passionate about developing sustainable city mobility solutions;
  • you are a team player and you fit into the can-do culture of YouSee;
  • despite your specialization within your domain, you are also a generalist and tackle any situation;
  • you have the ability to switch between academic knowledge and operational decisiveness;
  • you are hands-on in word and deed and yes sometimes you will have (again) dirty hands.

YouSee BV offers you...

  • the chance to be part of a passionate team of 6 colleagues with 20 years of experience who have the "eagerness" of a start-up;
  • the opportunity to work both front and back end, on an exceptionally innovative electric vehicle for urban applications;
  • you will work on a product in which innovation, sustainability, idealism and vision are more important than competition, R.O.I. and Shareholders Value;
  • work for a company that is independent of external financing and external investors;
  • you will have the opportunity to work in a flexible organization with flexible working hours;
  • the office is located in Amsterdam, behind Artis and is easily accessible by the O.V.;
  • you also have access to an in-house workshop and test department.

Company Profile

YouSee Company is a young and innovative company where we work on the mobility of the future. By looking at the contemporary issues of mobility with an innovative view. With the combination of design and high-tech engineering, YouSee Company develops distinctive vehicles and concepts. The first products are lightweight folding electric scooters.